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Keep yourself fitter without lunging on that hefty gym equipment with cross-fit resistance bands . These are a set of cross-fit resistance bands that are equipped to give a full-body workout. The kit comes with a pair of hands and legs resistance bands and one waistband that is used to hook the resistance bands firmly on your body. This will help you in increasing your speed and agility altogether.

While it improves your leg and hands coordination, it also efficiently works on your muscles too, hence providing you with a proper exercising routine. You can easily use them to work out any part of your body be it the core, arms, legs or glute muscles. Unlike traditional workout methods, Wirone™ will prevent your joints from any pressure or pain during the sessions.

This is also ideal for a post-injury workout since you will not have to lift any major weights or start running on the treadmill, you can just attach these bands on your arms and legs and increase your speed according to your comfort level.

  • Essential for Sports Workout: Not just your routine workout sessions, cross-fit resistance bands have proved to be one of the best tools for sports workout routines. Your usual resistance bands might only help you in preparing for your boxing matches but cross-fit resistance bands help you in preparing for shadowboxing, kickboxing, basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, etc. Since it improves muscle coordination, these resistance bands will be extremely beneficial for all kinds of sports training.
  • Indulge in Self-Training: You no longer need to get professional guidance to gain the muscle strength you desire. These resistance bands are simple to use and you can perform many exercises like side stretching, squats, planks, push-ups, leg lifts, etc and you can just as easily use them while working out on the punching bags and with your wrestling equipment too.
  • Convenient and Safe: The resistance bands are extremely safe to be used and they prevent your muscles and tissues from over-exercising in the first place. They will eliminate the chances of workout injuries as they give you the flexibility to choose the amount of resistance you can endure at one stretch.
  • Carry it Anywhere, Anytime: No more missing out on your regular workout routine with cross-fit resistance bands . They are extremely lightweight so wherever you go pack the resistance bands with you. Since it takes only so much of space, carrying it out on a field shouldn’t be a problem. Just pack up all the parts and keep it in the carry bag provided with the package and take it wherever you like.
  • Beginner-Friendly: cross-fit resistance bands can be used by someone who has just started working out while it is just as helpful to professional trainers who train people in gyms and sports platforms. The resistance bands are equipped to give an entire body workout to anyone on a lookout.
  • Strong, Powerful and Durable: The resistance bands are designed with premium-grade rubber and soft latex to provide you with the utmost stretchability and comfort at the same time. The material is extremely durable to last for a long time even when you work out twice daily and on your cheat day too. Now you can easily get the strength and speed that you always wished for.


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